About The Dunn Foundation

The Dunn Foundation was established in 1999 by the Wayne P. Dunn Family in Mineral Wells, WV. After being active in state environmental and social justice causes, members of the Dunn family decided to launch a foundation through which local West Virginia environmental and citizen groups could apply for funding for their programs, and to which other people and groups can donate assets and ideas to advance our common goals.

We have established ourselves over the past four years as a non-profit 501-C-3 organization, hoping to eventually have major effects on the WV environmental movement. With your donations and grant requests, we are moving closer to our goals! We are also a member of the Association of Small Foundations

PLAN: Involve others through information and finances. We want input for projects in order to achieve project goals. Meetings are open for input from contributors. Meetings are held two times a year. Please contact us for exact dates and times.

GOAL: Build assets through family and other contributions and outside projects that we are able to help fund, as well as to develop projects from within the foundation. We are very interested in expanding ideas and projects through donor support.


The Dunn Foundation, 968 Chesterville Rd, Mineral Wells, WV 26150