Apply for a grant from The Dunn Foundation

Those applying for grants need to make sure that their projects will:

  1. Lead to societal, institutional, and/or environmental improvement.
  2. Address the main causes of social or environmental issues that have been stated on our “Funding Interests” page.


1. Create a one-page cover letter stating the basics of your organization or group, and the focus of the project to be funded. Please hyperlink the grant application here

2. Print and fill out the grant application (printable pdf or editable Word file).

3. Send in completed form by mail or through email.
MAIL: The Dunn Foundation
968 Chesterville Rd.
Mineral Wells, WV 26150

When applying for your grant, please make sure to print a copy of the 'Grant Evaluation Report' (printable pdf or editable Word file) along with your grant application. This document is mandatory, and must be submitted within TWO WEEKS of the completion of the project once any grant money donated by our foundation to you has been fully spent." This allows us to not only review the use of funds, but to give you the opportunity to show your accomplishments, and inspire us to lend again to your organization for additional future projects.

The Dunn Foundation, 968 Chesterville Rd, Mineral Wells, WV 26150